Open up a pack of San Carlo chips and be part of a premium tasting experienceFrom the very moment Rosticceria San Carlo opened in 1936, San Carlo has been a symbol of Italian quality, from Milan.

More than just chips, but a moment of indulgence that you feel good about – this takes a lot more than just good potatoes.

Quality potato chips start with quality potatoes. San Carlo takes care of the entire cultivation process of the potatoes, from research and selection of the best seeds, sowing, growing and harvest. San Carlo has always maintained a strong and long-lasting relationship with farmers in order to ensure the best quality raw materials.

At San Carlo, Made in Italy means that every pack of potato chips is made with the utmost care and attention to quality, to produce a product of excellence. This means that:

To best conserve the nutrients of the potatoes, they are treated very gently in the cleaning process.

To reduce the amount of fat, the chips are passed through a stream of steam which drains off any excess oil.

To preserve the delicious aroma of the potato chips, they are packaged in a carefully controlled protective environment.

To achieve maximum crunch, the potatoes are cut so that they are exceptionally uniform.

For San Carlo, the creation of new and unique flavours is a journey that entails continuous research, maximum exploration and the desire to surprise all kinds of palates. Working together with the best international flavourists, San Carlo merges top quality ingredients and the latest trends in tastes, and combines these with its potato chips.